Welcome to the Community College Journalist online

CCJA President and Professor of Journalism Toni Albertson introduces the new Community College Journalist online.

By Toni Albertson

Hello and welcome to the new online Community College Journalist. As the president of CCJA, I am very excited to be leading our organization at a time when journalism is experiencing the greatest evolution since the invention of the printing press.

Since the 1970s, The Community College Journalist has played an integral part of our organization, offering community college journalism instructor, professors and advisers a place to share information, teaching tips and up-to-date media-related news. It has also given community college instructors a place to publish this valuable information. In 2011, the CCJA board members made the decision to discontinue the print edition of the quarterly published Community College Journalist and instead, publish it as an online journal that is updated continuously.

I would like to see more articles on convergence and multimedia in The CC Journalist and encourage all of you to contribute. What a wonderful outlet for faculty to publish their articles, surveys, opinions and practices. And let us not forget how valuable it is to still have an outlet l in which to publish. This helps all of us in so many ways, not to mention how it helps those of us going through the tenure process

None of us are sure which way it is going or where it will end up, but we all know that things are changing fast. I conducted a comprehensive nationwide study in 2003 on the vulnerability of journalism programs and the student newspapers these programs support. I watched programs get cancelled, including two programs that I was involved with. I listened to concerns from colleagues from across the state about the status of their programs and realized the importance of doing everything possible to keep journalism programs off of administrator’s chopping blocks. I also knew that I had to do something to make sure this did not happen again to my own program. Since that time, my journalism program and student newspaper is flourishing with more than 150 students on our newspaper staff, but many others programs are still in danger, especially with the budget crisis that we are all facing.

I have been speaking nationwide about the importance of implementing a new media model in our newsrooms, and about training our future journalists with skills that will allow them to work in this new environment. I also have used my public relations background to implement innovative recruiting efforts to bring students into my program. I would like to share my successes and challenges with our members and offer tools that can help us all succeed. The Journalist offers all of us the opportunity for all of us to connect with each other and to share our thoughts and concerns. It also offers us a network to bounce ideas off each other; to discuss what works and was does not.

The online Journalist will also feature blogs from our colleagues across the country, a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, and an instruction page that will tell you how to submit articles.

I am urging all of you to step up and become involved with this valuable organization. This is a time when we need to rely on each other and to make sure that we are all doing what it takes to ensure that our students are successful in the field of media, and in life. What better way than to have a resource like CCJA!

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