Beloved Journalism Professor and Student Media Advocate Dan Reimold has died


Dan Reimold, professor of journalism at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and founder of the influential college media blog, College Media Matters, has died. He was 34.

Dan has been a supporter CCJA, serving on numerous CCJA sponsored panels throughout the years, and was one of the most popular and well-respected speakers to date.

“I am in shock that this incredible young man who has done so much for college journalism is no longer with us,” said Toni Albertson, president and programming coordinator for CCJA.

His death was announced Friday, August 21.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, his brother Zach said Dan was found dead in his apartment Thursday after friends reported that they had not heard from him in a few days. He said his brother had suffered an accident, and they “don’t know 100 percent yet what happened.”

The paper also reported that Alexander Balacki, chief medical investigator for Montgomery County, said the cause of death would not be determined for several weeks, “pending lots of further testing.”

Dan joined St. Joseph’s University in 2013 where he advised the student newspaper, The Hawk. “His innovation and wit will be greatly missed in our newsroom,” the Hawk students wrote on their newspaper website. 

Dan also served as the campus beat columnist for USA TODAY College and as a regular contributor for Poynter.

Albertson, who also works as a professor of journalism and adviser of student media at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, Calif., worked with Dan on numerous panels throughout the years, and said he was a champion of her college’s student media.

“Dan was such a good friend and mentor to our students. He was always there cheering them on and wanting to know what they were doing next,” Albertson said.

CCJA vice president and GIFT coordinator John Kerezy has served on panels with Dan and was taken by his enthusiasm.

“Dan Reimold had an unshakeable faith in college journalism, and believed that the next generation of journalists will be better than the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. His optimism and encouragement will be missed,” Kerezy said,

CCJA incoming board member Jeremy Shermak, an Assistant Professor of Communications and Journalism at Moraine Valley Community College in Chicago, met Dan for the first time at the AEJMC conference two weeks ago.

“I am absolutely floored at the news. I just saw him at AEJMC and planned some work together,” Shermak said.

With all the negativity surrounding the field of journalism, Dan always remained positive and encouraged pursuing an education. He wrote in a post on August 13: “In a world in which everyone can be journalists, or at least say they are, it will be those with the real journalistic training and knowledge who will rise above and be recognized and [hopefully] over time financially rewarded.”

CCJA extends our deepest condolences to all of his students at St. Joseph University, the staff at the Hawk, and his family and friends.

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